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So this is Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch and I’m using this as a smartwatch for the last couple of days and I have experienced many things with this watch. In this article, I share all the experiences that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Amazfit Bip U Review After 48 Hours I shared whatever I experienced in this watch and answered some of your questions.

Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch In-depth Review 2021


  • 1.43 inch Large HD Color Screen
  • Blood-Oxygen Level Measurement (Spo2)
  • 60+ Sports Modes
  • 5 ATM Water-resistance
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring
  • Stress Level Monitoring
  • Breathing Training
  • PAI Health Assessment System
  • 50 Best Watch Faces
  • 9-day Battery Life
  • Smart Notifications for Incoming Calls, Text Messages, Apps, and Calendars

Let us know about all these features in detail –

Design And Build:-

  1. Straps are soft and can fit on any wrist whether it is gorilla wrist or thin wrist
  2. Good resolution display
  3. Great sunlight Visibility
  4. TFT Display
  5. Button for accessing the menu inside it
  6. Screen guard

Modes And Features:-

Exiting features first:

  1. Pomodoro Tracker -Technique teaches you to work with time
  2. Excercise – 60+ Sports Modes Alerts You when u reach high bpm and low bpm
  3. HeartRate – 24Hours Heartrate monitoring (The Heart rate sensor works fines with a margin of error of 2-3 beats per min.)
  4. SpO2 – The SpO2 sensor is not a gimmick, it works fine but not 100% accurate, it was of by nearly 2% every time.
  5. Stress Monitoring & Breathing Exercise- The watch supports stress monitoring and can provide breathing training to help balance your stress levels, so that you can instantly know when you need to rest and relax.
  6. I tested it’s spO2 and stress tracker as well but not sure about their accuracy. Though I believe it’ll also be about 85-90% accurate, which is ok.
  7. Call Message Notification Swipe Up to Reply with message
  8. Menstrual Cycle Tracker
  9. PAI – PAI is a health evaluation system that uses algorithms to transform complex information such as heart rate data, activity duration, and other health data into numerical values, and presents this data to users.
  10. Sleep – Sleep Tracker is Very Intelligent. Automatic Nap Detection if you sleep more than 2 hours a day time.
  11. Alarm – Alarm is Effective. Always get me up.
  12. Music
  13. Countdown
  14. Stopwatch
  15. Remote Photography
  16. Lift Wrist To View
  17. 5ATM Water Resistance – Water-resistant up to 50 meters, you can wear the Bip U for swimming and it will track your movements and record your achievements even under water.

User Interface:-

  1. Very much polished and easy to use with lots of features accessible from the watch screen only.
  2. All types of data can be visible from the screen only and can view history too.
  3. Lots of watch faces choosing from their Zepp app.
  4. Everything is very smooth easy and appealing to view.
  5. Workout interface with great graph view
  6. Button as a shortcut to use

Data Accuracy:-

  1. SpO2 – it works fine but is not 100% accurate, it was off by nearly 2% every time.
  2. SpO2 and stress tracker – 70-85% accurate.
  3. Heartrate – The Heart rate sensor works fines.
  4. Workout – 60+ exercise modes, most of the measures are accurate, but the step counter sometimes registers steps even if I don’t walk. steps counter is about 80-85% accurate.
  5. Sleep – Sleep Tracker is Very Intelligent.

Battery And Charging:-

  1. Battery life is only lasts for 6 days, when HR set for continuous for every 10min, sleep tracking on and also notifications on for sedentary and calls and exercise tracking for 30 min a day.
  2. After disabling all trackings, I’m getting more than 10 days of runtime. With all trackings on, you can get 5-7 days.
  3. Charging with magnetically attaching charging dock
  4. Coming to the battery charging time, it takes around 1.5hrs for 10-100%.


  1. Not an always-on display plus not having a dedicated touch capacitive button.
    Not able to see it sometimes.
  2. No automatic workout detection.
  3. No nap detection. (If you don’t sleep more than 2 hours a day time, I mean you have to sleep more than 2 hours a day time, only then this device will be able to detect your nap measurements.


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This is the best watch I have ever seen at this price point and can recommend to anyone who is satisfied with the features that this one is having.

The most raised question is it better than mi band 5 so both of them are having their own capabilities.

Better UI and screen but lacks few modes and features.

I just shared whatever I experienced.

For further queries let me know in the comment section below.

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