Maxima Max Pro X4 Smartwatch In-depth Honest Review 2021 | Maxima Max Pro X4 Review, Price, Features, Straps

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So this is the Maxima Max Pro X4 Smartwatch and I’m using this is a smartwatch for the last couple of days and I have experienced many things with this watch. In this article, I share all the experiences that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Maxima Max Pro x4 Smartwatch Honest Review


  1. 1.3” Round Full-touch Display with Ultra Bright Screen of 380 Nits
  2. 10+ Sports Mode
  3. SpO2
  4. Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
  5. Unlimited Customized Watch Faces
  6. Up to 15 Day Battery life

Let us know about all these features in detail

Design And Build:-

  1. Polycarbonate build
  2. Front Glass
  3. Very thin and lightweight
  4. Button on side
  5. IP68 certification – 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes. But 5ATM is more popular these days
  6. The overall design is round shape


  1. 1.3″ TFT IPS full-touch round active display with an ultra-bright screen topping 380 Nits.
  2. There are very few thin bezels present on the display.
  3. Little pixelated display but fairly bright visible in direct sunlight but in extreme sunlight not visible directly and poppy or colour display.

Fitting and comfortability:-

  1. Quite lightweight
  2. Suitable on my medium wrist not tried on thin wrists but definitely on gorilla wrists it will look good.
  3. Straps are silicone material and of a soft quality.
  4. In my testing, it has not caused any skin irritation or rashes.

Modes and Features:-

  1. There are lots of modes and features but will talk about the highlights.
  2. 10 Sports Modes which are less as compared to other smartwatches available in the market but all 10 modes are necessary modes that u need in ur daily life.
  3. Music Controls – Need to choose separate application on handling Application.
  4. Call notification – Caller id is visible, Can only disconnect the call, cant reply with message and silent the call.
  5. App and message notification – All apps installed on phone
  6. Camera Shutter – Only in handling Application
  7. Stopwatch and alarms are also present.

Data Accuracy:-

  1. Heart Rate – Perfectly accurate and consistent, supports 24hrs of heart Rate monitoring.
  2. SpO2 – Consistent but suggest using medical-grade equipment for better results.
  3. Sleep Monitoring is not working properly, tested 3 times
  4. Steps monitoring – Its fine and consistent but sometimes takes wrong steps
  5. Nap mode is missing

User Interface:-

  1. Clean and minimalistic UI
  2. Swiping up to down – show you modes like brightness, Torch, Music and battery left.
  3. Swiping from the bottom – Take you to different modes present in the UI like Heartrate, Steps, Sleep
  4. Sometimes there is a little bit of lag in the UI
  5. Lift wrist to wake detection is present but it is bit little slow.
  6. Watchfaces present in UI are around 40-50.

Handling Application:-

  1. Cool wear app has all the features present.
  2. Syncs easily with the watch.
  3. Connectivity is also stable.
  4. You can access most of the data and metrics inside the application.
  5. Strava is not supported

Battery and Charging:-

  1. According to my usage, heavy and on moderate usage it can last for 3-4 days max.
  2. On normal usage, it can go up to 7-8 days max.
  3. For charging there is a magnetically attaching Charging dock present.

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At the price point of 3-4k rupees, there are a lot of options are available in the market right now but it is like the features that are present in this and the overall design then you consider this one as well.

But as per your needs if all the features are satisfactory to you then you can definitely consider this one.

For further queries let me know in the comment section below.

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