Realme Watch 2 Pro Vs Noise Colorfit Ultra – Which One Is Best And Worse? 2021

Realme Watch 2 Pro Vs Noise Colorfit Ultra – Noise colorfit Ultra and Realme watch 2 Pro both look similar, have similar specs but some internal things are different.

So in this article, I show you guys the exact comparison between Realme watch 2 Pro and the Noise colorfit Ultra so that you can decide which watch is for you.

Realme Watch 2 Pro Vs Noise Colorfit Ultra


Realme Watch 2 ProNoise Colorfit Ultra
1.75″ HD Super Bright Touchscreen,
Dual-Satellite GPS,
14-Day Battery,
SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring,
IP68 Water Resistance,
Free Size
1.75″ HD TruView Display,
60 Sports Modes,
Heart Rate,
REM & Sleep Monitor,
Calls & SMS Quick Reply,
Stock Market Info

Physical look:-

  1. Both are identical from top
  2. Same display, the same amount of bezels
  3. Everything is the same.

Material – Noise Colorfit Ultra is having a metallic frame whereas the Realme watch 2 Pro is having a plastic frame.

  1. Both of them look so attractive and premium.
  2. Both are ip68 water-resistant


  1. Both of them have a quality crisp and good quality display.
  2. Great visible in outside areas on direct sunlight.

Fitting and comfortability:-

  1. Both of them have soft quality straps and don’t cause any type of skin irritation or issues.
  2. Realme watch 2 Pro is a little lighter as compared to Noise Colorfit Ultra.
  3. But both of them are made for medium wrists and Gorilla wrists, I don’t think it will look good on thin wrists.

Modes and Features:-

  • Both of the watches have so many similarities but there are some unique features that make these boys different from each other and that’s what we want to talk about.

Realme Watch 2 Pro

  1. GPS – Realme Watch 2 Pro has GPS inbuilt chip which gives you accurate results in outdoor workout activities. Is good for outdoor cycling outdoor running in that case you don’t need to carry your mobile with you.
  2. But the GPS data is not so proper in it, that can be fixed by a software update.
  3. Realme Link application – realme watch 2 pro has an integrated realme Link application into the watch.
  4. With this integration, you can control all of your realme devices that you with you, including earphones, home appliances anything that can be paired with the Realme Link application.
  5. 90 Sports Modes while in Noise Colorfit Ultra have 60 sports modes.

Noise colorfit Ultra

  1. You can reply to text messages and call notifications.
  2. Menstrual cycle tracker – Girls can track their periods and all.

Data Accuracy:-

  1. Heartrate – Both of them support 24 x 7 heart rate monitoring and are quite consistent.
  2. Spo2 – Both are consistent
  3. Sleep monitoring – Both of them share similar results like REM, Deep sleep, Light sleep.
  4. Step monitoring – Both of them are inconsistent and can give you inaccurate results but kind of accurate results in workout modes.

User interface:-

  1. Here Realme watch 2 Pro is a clear winner, Noise Colorfit Ultra can’t even come closer.
  2. Realme watch 2 pro has a superb smooth user Interface.
  3. But in the case of noise colour fit Pro ultra, you see some lag in the UI and the overall User experience is not that smooth.

Handling Application:-

  1. Both of them have quite a good handling of Applications.
  2. Everything is present in the UI and can be customised easily.
  3. Sometimes there is a connectivity problem in noise colorfit ultra but it fixes easily.

Battery and Charging:-

  1. Both the devices share similar battery backup in the case of realme watch 2 Pro you will get a little extra backup of 2 more days as compared to Noise Colorfit Ultra.
  2. On heavy usage realme watch 2 Pro can last up to 4 days and Noise Colorfit Ultra can last up to 3 days.
  3. Charging – Both have magnetically attaching Charging docks.


  • More outdoor workouts, smooth user interface go with Realme Watch 2 Pro.
  • Indoor activities, reply to messages and call notifications or menstrual cycle tracker go with Noise Colorfit Ultra.

I just shared whatever I experienced.

For further queries let me know in the comment section below.

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